About Us
Poseidon Security Solutions, LLC was founded in 1994 as Poseidon Networking, serving southern California.  Poseidon's core business at the time was installation and configuration of Windows for Workgroups v3.11 operating systems on outside sales agents of large to very large travel companies.  Agents would use the newly configured system to dial into large travel companies and source the United Airlines reservation and ticketing system.  This allowed the sales force of the  companies to expand outside of San Diego County and into Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County.

The Internet evolved from the old ARPANet, went public, and all things changed ... The way we do business, communicate, trade.. it all changed, and grew.  So did Poseidon...  We remain strong and true to our core business, installation and configuration of secure small networks, but we are more now ....

Securing your environment is step one.  Now what?  Is it really secure?  How can I tell?  Are there weak areas or areas that are super critical? All questions to be asked.  Using industry best practice for ethical hacking, technical implementation guides, traffic scanning, and web inspection, Poseidon Security Solutions can asses your operation and report posture.  Our goal is to identify weakness or failure and offer solutions, allowing you the choice to mitigate what you deem critical. Too busy to determine all the details?  We can design a secure solution for you or offer guidance on next steps ..

When it comes time to gain certification or authority to operate electronically, are you ready?  Do you have a team of technical writers at your disposal that are versed in the intracacies of security certification and accreditation?  Do you have an artifact library of security documentation that is outdated or retired?  Are you gaining an authority to operate?  We are here for you!  With over 20 years experience in technical design, deployment, and certification/accreditation/technical document creation, Poseidon has the experience and expertese to help you achieve your security goals
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